15 things to NEVER do at your wedding!

You certainly do not want your dream day to become a nightmare. Here are some ways to avoid common pitfalls to ruin your big day. Follow these steps ahead of time so the path to your “I Do” remains smooth and seemingly effortless.

1. Forget to obtain your marriage license

Failing to obtain your marriage license in a timely manner could hinder your wedding day. The Department of Health-Vital Records office can issue a marriage license. A marriage license is valid for 90 days. A couple must be married by a person who is authorized by law to solemnize marriages in California. The trick is not to get a marriage license too early but early enough as to not wait around for paper to arrive before the ceremony.

2. Argue with your fiancé

A couple’s wedding day should be as peaceful as possible. There will already be a million things to worry over. Many couples will have a whole list of “woulda shoulda coulda” on their big day. The last thing a couple should do is argue! You want to be able to walk down the aisle to your partner smiling and thinking nothing but happy, loving thoughts. Save the drama for another day!

3. Write your vows

Do not skip this step! Many couples are so busy planning their wedding they tend to forget to write their vows. Scrambling for words the morning of your wedding is extremely stressful. Vows are a solemn commitment and pledge to your partner. Vows should be heartfelt and carefully thought out. Here is an ultimate checklist for writing your own wedding vows.

4. Skip meals

I repeat: DO NOT SKIP MEALS ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! Did you get that loud and clear? If you generally don’t eat breakfast, consider doing so on your wedding day. Breakfast will be the most important meal of your dream day. Nobody likes a “hangry” bride! Eating well balanced meals or snacks throughout the day will keep you going and glowing! Here are some tips on what to eat and what to avoid on your wedding day! Bon Appetit!

5. Plan without a budget

Planning your wedding day can be exhilarating. Of course a couple will want the best flowers, best food, best entertainment and an award winning coordinator. Unfortunately, that is not always reality for a lot of couples. A good way for couples to go about their wedding budget is to first come up with a grand total budget. Make sure to choose a number that is comfortable and can be supported by a bank account. Next is to split this budget in half. Half of the budget will go to your venue, food and beverage (the necessities). The other half of the budget can be spent on everything else from flowers to makeup. As long as guests are wined and dined the rest is secondary.

6. Constantly be on your phone

Here is a hard one for most everyone in this generation. GET OFF YOUR PHONE! I promise you will live with your phone not glued to your hand today. In fact, you might feel surprisingly more alive! The fact of the matter is there is absolutely nothing on your phone worth looking at. A bride or groom should have designated helpers/coordinators to ensure all aspects are running smoothly. It is their job to coordinate communication between guests and/or close family. Letting go of your phone will take an enormous burden off the bride or groom mentally. Simply hand that device over to your bff. See ya later insta I’m gettin’ married!

7. Keep track of time

Keeping track of time is for the bridal party and wedding coordinator. Having bridesmaids and a wedding coordinator keep track of time will allow the bride to breathe. Your wedding coordinator or MOH will remind the bride or groom of when things need to be done and wehre. A bride and groom should not be running around with a watch. Here is a list of responsibilities for the bridal party.

8. Have too many DIY items

Let go of the DIY! Surely it is natural to want to decorate and do things on your own. DIY can save you money and allow you to get creative. It also takes a LOT of time and effort. DIY projects have their place in weddings. It is okay to do some of the decorations on your own but try not to get too controlling. Choose 3 items that are extremely important to have done by just you. Too many DIY items can cause strain on time and stress for the bride. A bride really should not be worrying about putting stickers on a bag on the morning of her wedding.

9. Obsess over the small details

Similar to DIY obsession are the small details needing to be perfect. Try not to obsess over every single little whistle and bell. Your guests want to see the bride and groom become one. Guests want to eat good food, have a drink and give the couple a hug. They will not remember the flower that was too small on the table centerpiece. As Elsa says “Let it go” and wedding on!

10. Exercise on your big day

On the wedding day there will be demand from the couple in a hundred places. Simple tasks will naturally drain most of the couple’s energy. Do not try and exercise on your wedding day! Save that energy for dancing, laughing and loving later!

11. Obsess over losing weight

You are perfect the way you are. Repeat that to yourself 5 times. Make that your mantra. Obsessing over losing weight during your wedding can turn you into a nightmare! Nobody needs those vibes! Rather than focusing on losing weight, drink lots of water and try to eat foods that make you feel good. First things first, layer on that smile. Next, zip up that dress. Finally, strut your way down that aisle because YOU ARE PERFECT the way you are honey!

12. Get a facial, wax or any other treatment

As you get closer to your wedding day, a relaxing spa treatment seems like the perfect idea. Thing again. Facial treatments planned in advance can help a bride get that glow up! Many estheticians will advise a bride to get on a facial routine. Plan ahead to see what skincare routine will work best for your skin. There will never be a one routine fits all. Some creams or serums will cause skin to breakout while other will make you glow. Be sure to know what works for you and avoid damaging your skin before any closeups!

13. Be rude to your vendors

Vendors are there to make your wedding day sensational. Give the energy you want to receive back. Vendors make their work seem effortless but they are working their butts off. Do not get into an argument with a vendor in front of your guests. If there is something that is making you unhappy, quietly pull the vendor aside and request to have amends.

14. Too much to drink

Your wedding day is special and you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Understandable. There certainly is no reason for you to get completely plastered. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life and you really want to keep those memories. Do not lose those memories to drunken college night behavior! You don’t want your wedding day album photos to be of you looking sloppy with one eye open. Keep it classy. There will be plenty of time to drink. In the meantime, sip on a seltzer or soda.

15. Wear your wedding shoes for the first time

Break in your wedding shoes before your actual wedding day! If you are choosing to wear heels for your wedding day make sure to wear them ahead of time to allow your feet to conform. Keep in mind that your reception will be the last of your events. The reception is where you do most of your walking around. This is where you greet your guests and dance. Make sure your heels will be comfortable enough to last you into your reception. If this is not an option for you or maybe it is too late to break in your heels, many brides have chosen to wear custom sneakers, such as dazzled out converse, to their reception look.

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