A white wedding dress isn’t a must!

It may seem that the white wedding dress has always been a “must-have” for every bride in the Western Hemisphere. And yet, the white wedding gown is less than two centuries old – and when it first appeared, it actually caused quite a lot of shock and amazement.

Sure, these days, most brides choose to wear a white dress as they walk down the aisle. But if you are not one of the ladies who actually want to do this on their wedding day, you are more than free to settle on a dress that’s as colored as you want it to be. What are some colored wedding gown options you will surely love? Read on and inspire yourself:

something blue wedding

• Blue touches. Want your wedding gown to double as your “something blue” too? Wear a white dress with blue touches. A very pale tint of blue or a floral pattern that incorporates different delicate shades of blue can look really elegant and gentle – and it can definitely flatter you as the Queen of your own Big Day.

• Gold. If you want to feel really glamorous on your wedding day, gold is the way to do it. Don’t limit yourself to accessories, though! Make a true fashion statement with a golden wedding dress that will wow every single guest at your ceremony and reception!

• Pistachio. If you are the kind of bride who wants to feel truly unique, a pistachio wedding gown will be more than gorgeous for you. Choose a dress in a pretty pistachio shade to send out a powerful message about style – and we guarantee everyone at your wedding will absolutely love your idea!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Randy Kashka

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