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Activities & Times

Wedding Exhibits

Shop and compare hundreds of local wedding professionals each season. These include photographers, invitations, cake bakers, tuxedos, wedding coordinators, hotels, unique crafts, and more. Meet individual artisans and professionals, ask questions, and find unique wedding-related products and service providers. Register with a local gift registry. Audition entertainers. Discover the best wedding packages and discounts. Shop at your own pace anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Those who are first time shoppers should allow for at least two hours of shopping time to collect as much information and literature as possible from each exhibitor. Returning shoppers who are well into their planning process may plan for as little as 30 minutes of shopping time.


Prizes are a part of each event. Just by attending one of the fashion shows, each bride-to-be, groom-to-be, family members and friends, become eligible for an array of wedding planning giveaways.

Exhibitor Give-Aways

By visiting each company or exhibit at Bride World Expo, couples can also register for additional prizes and promotional items. See Correspondence Labels below.

Fashion Show

Each event day, Bride World hosts two fashion shows (12 noon and 2 pm). National designers and local salons preview their latest styles, the most popular colors, and this season’s must-have accessories. Each presentation includes lively music and stylized choreography. Seating is available 30 minutes prior to each presentation. Seating may be limited. Prior to each showing there will be time allowed for showcasing entertainers and disbursement of prizes.


Groom’s Contest

The grooms-to-be strut their stuff on the fashion runway to compete for cash and prizes.

Musical Entertainers

To begin the day’s fashion activities, Bride World showcases live bands, vocalists, and musicians exhibiting at the event.

Planning Seminar

Get started in the right direction with local wedding coordinators, as they guide you through the planning process, highlight common pitfalls, and answer your toughest questions. All absolutely free when attending a Bride World Expo.

Expo Program

Bride World compiles a shopping guide (expo program) that lists the day’s activities, the participating exhibitors (wedding vendors), a schematic floor plan, and unique coupons. These are available upon check in. This is useful during your shopping experience and afterword as a reference tool when reviewing or contacting participating companies.

Free Stuff

Event sponsors provide a department store style shopping bag for each couple, who are then challenged to fill it with organizers, product samples, coupons, and tons of exhibitor information that will contribute to the success of their wedding.

Correspondence Labels

Bride World simplifies the shopping process by providing each registered couple with eighty contact labels. These contain the information provided by each couple during the registration process and are printed for use at the expo. Each label will include names, a mailing address, an email address, and a wedding date. Simply peel and stick a label when you choose to sign a vendor guest book, complete a registration form, or to request a follow up call or email. Register at least 24 hours in advance to allow time to prepare labels. These will be available upon check in. Register Now.