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Alcohol-Free Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette can be quite complicated to understand, especially with the many changes that have occurred in the field in the last couple of decades. Of course, you are the maker of your own rules when it comes to your wedding – but even so, there will always be etiquette rules that simply make sense if you don’t want anyone present at your Big Day to feel offended in any way.

So, what is the etiquette when it comes to alcohol-free weddings? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • You can definitely plan a completely alcohol-free wedding, if that’s what you feel is best for you. From soda to delicious mocktails, there are a lot of drinks you can serve during the Big Day, so you can rest assured your guests will be refreshed and entertained.

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  • If you don’t want to serve alcohol due to financial restrictions, it is generally advised that you consider serving a limited variety of drinks – such as wine and beer, for example. If, however, your reasons for not serving alcohol are personal, you can absolutely choose to stick to 100% non-alcoholic drinks.

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  • If you decide to plan a fully alcohol-free wedding, do make sure you announce this – you can write it on your wedding invitations or wedding website, but regardless of how you choose to spread the message, it is extremely important that your guests are prepared for this kind of event.

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