Amazing Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

Providing your guests with a unique experience is one of the most important elements on your to-do list as a So Cal bride. Of course, everything will have an impact, from the dress you wear to the music that plays on the background of your entire wedding. But when it comes to really sweetening up everyone, a dessert bar is always a good choice.

How to create the most special wedding dessert bar your guests have ever seen? Here are some wonderful ideas to inspire you.

wedding dessert bar

  • A naked cake and plates filled with min-pies. Naked cakes are all the rage right now, so if you are planning a casual So Cal wedding, you will love the idea of centering the entire dessert table on such a beautiful piece. Extra-tip: seasonal pie fillings are always the best, both from the point of view of the taste they offer and from that of your budget.

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wedding dessert bar ideas

  • Classic cookies and macarons – with a rustic twist. Yes, you’ve seen these a thousand times before, but how about ditching the classic pastel colors and opting for nudes, browns, and greens when creating the dessert table? Show them off on rustic-inspired plates and your candy bar will surely be one of a kind!

Don’t forget to hire a wedding planning and design expert to help you with the Big Day! It will make everything a thousand times better!

wedding candy bar ideas

  • A bunch of smaller, gold-dripping cakes + other sweets. You don’t have to opt for the classic tiered cake if you don’t want to. Serve a bunch of smaller cakes in different flavors and have your cake pastry chef drip them in golden touches – they will look absolutely fabulous for a fall wedding! Plus, adding waffles, macaroons and other sweets on the side will make your dessert table feel even more luxurious and tempting!


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