Anaheim Bridal Show: The Search for an Amazing Wedding Location

From the mountains to the sea to historical ballrooms to grand estates to vineyards, there is an abundance of fantastic wedding locations available to Southern California couples. When selecting the place for your wedding celebration, remember it is the defining factor in determining your wedding style and in setting the tone for the celebration. The location and all areas associated with it–catering, rentals, etc.–also accounts for the most significant budgetary expense. So, be wise and thoughtful before putting down deposits and signing contracts.

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There are two basic types of location: off-premise and all-inclusive. Within each of these broader categories are many smaller ones in all price ranges. For example, a $10,000 a day Malibu mansion is an off-premise location, as is a public park with a low $50 location permit fee. The trick in making a successful location decision lies in knowing your budget and understanding the defining contractual details. Before heading off to scout locations, check out our crash course on the ins and outs of wedding locations.

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Off-Premise locations include sites such as the family home, a Malibu mansion, a country meadow, or even a public park. As a rule, these locations require highly skilled event coordination. Additionally, these locations often cost more than the all-inclusive venue due to issues including, but not limited to, rentals (including restrooms), catering and staff, lighting, security, cleaning fees, permits, and special parking arrangements (valets, shuttle vans). So why do couples choose these sites? With the right wedding professionals on the job and adequately budgeted funds, you can get married and have your reception in a one-of-a-kind location that will wow your guests. One caution is not to be fooled by a seemingly “low” rental price. The extras mentioned above add up quickly. Read the fine print and try to plan a reserve in your budget for emergencies, like constructing a tent should mother nature decide to let it rain on your soiree. Finally, check local ordinances for necessary permits, parking requirements, and noise restrictions.

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All-Inclusive venues include hotels, country clubs, private clubs, yachts, and most restaurants. When you book these venues, you are typically buying a “package” that includes basic linens, china, glassware, service (wait staff), restrooms, use of the parking facilities, and the cost of the meal. In the past, couples may have considered these sites too traditional or old-fashioned, but times have changed! Most places have stepped up their décor, food quality, and service to compete with off-premise sites and to offer the discerning bride a bevy of options. The pricing is often competitive, leaving you room to upgrade linens, add lighting, and rent specialty china to transform the room to your tastes.

What you need to know:

  • Take photos and ask for floor plans when visiting locations
  • Always ask about a location’s capacity limits
  • Ask for a copy of a contract and clarify all fees associated with having your event at that location.
  • Ask about the flow of the event–where will the guests park, where will the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the dinner take place?
  • Ask if the location has a food and beverage minimum (a certain amount you must spend on food and beverage during a particular time frame no matter what your guest count or food selection). The minimums are usually highest on Saturday evenings; consider a Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning, or Sunday.
  • At any facility, or when working with a rental company, ask to see samples of their glassware, flatware, china, linen, and chairs. What you see (in photos and brochures) is not always what you get!
  • Get everything in writing! Sales and banquet managers move around to different properties very often, so make sure the “promised” items make it to your contract!
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No Surprises please! Critical Questions to Ask:

  • What are the contracted hours? Does that include set up and breakdown?
  • Is there a cleaning fee? Is it included in the rental fee?
  • Are there any overtime charges?
  • Are there security charges?
  • Can the caterer use the kitchen (off-premise locations)?
  • How many people can be seated in the area or room?
  • What is the rain contingency plan?
  • What services are included in the rental fee or wedding package?
  • Is there a noise ordinance?
  • Do you have to use their preferred vendors?

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