Anaheim Wedding Show: Protect Yourself And Your Wedding Part One

You’ve thought of everything – you booked the perfect wedding venue that is all-inclusive and your wedding dress is being shipped well over six weeks before the big day, your fiance is helping keep the To Do list at bay, and since we don’t live in Florida, there’s no fear of a hurricane washing away the best-laid plans – or have you?

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How are you preparing yourself for any wedding mishaps?

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Your wedding is a spectacular moment, worthy of celebration but at the same time, it makes a huge impact on your bank account. The national average cost of a wedding hovers around $26,000 (and you can easily add another $10,000 for weddings in the Los Angeles area). The amount you are spending for one day could easily purchase a new car or be used as a down payment on a home. The wedding and events industry is a $50 billion-a-year industry, meaning it can be lucrative to both respectable and responsible vendors, but it can also attract those who are not so much on the “up and up”. What can you do to protect yourself and know that you are doing all you can to “be prepared?” Protecting yourself, your wedding, and your dollars takes a little bit of awareness and involves trusting your gut and asking the right questions. Here are a few key things to consider when you’re sourcing the perfect vendors for your wedding day.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

If you’ve been researching wedding venues and locations and come across one that is offering all the bells and whistles at half the price of all the rest, you may want to read the fine print and proceed with caution. Many times, ‘all-inclusive’ deals means subcontracting with vendors you’ve never met, with no guarantees that they will be paid or that they will show up. How will your vendors know what you envision for your wedding day if you’ve never met them? If you signed a blanket contract with a large photography studio, how can you determine if you like the photographer’s personality and craftsmanship if he is only “assigned” to your wedding the day before? When you feel you’ve found a fantastic deal, don’t uncertain about asking a few additional questions to confirm all the details. Make notes in the contract and ensure both parties initial those notes.

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Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes that will translate into hiring a wedding coordinator. A coordinator can review your vendor contracts with you and ask the questions you may not know to ask. Most often, your coordinator will have an “emergency kit” for those “just in case” moments. Sure, you may remember to pack a small sewing kit for loose buttons, but what if the bridesmaid’s dress needs to be steamed for wrinkles, the caterer forgot to bring a cake cutting set, or the bathroom ran out of toilet paper? You will be surprised at the items most coordinators keep in their kit.

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Get It In Writing

You should have a contract with each of your vendors, and ideally, that contract is between the two of you. Know what is being provided, and just as importantly, what is not included. It should state what is acceptable and what is prohibited, it should break down clearly the cost of the service being provided, and all parties should sign it. Be especially cautious of the answer “no problem!” when a detail or request isn’t added to the contract. What guarantee do you have that the customized request will be handled or acknowledged if it isn’t written down? Even if your best friend since kindergarten promises to do your makeup on the wedding day, get it in writing, too. A simple email with all the details to which she replies, “count me in!” will do the job.

Too often, a detail assumed to be solidified isn’t, and confusion ensues at the worst possible time. In fact, corresponding via email with all of your vendors is a great way to keep a log of updates, changes, and plans. It’s proven to be helpful and cost-effective time and again to have a reference point when detail is questioned. For example, a bride had negotiated a valet cost per car rather than per person. She was billed per person. She forwarded the email that agreed to the “per car” pricing and was issued a refund.

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