Announcing Your Wedding


Your Wedding
         by Loreen Berlin

The right invitation can leave your guests looking forward dreamily, to your wedding date and inform them just how formal or informal the event will be.

Invitations speak volumes about the individuals sending them; and begin to set the mood well in advance of the actual nuptials.

Invitation etiquette can be complex. Chances are, if you’ve talked to different consultants, you’ll have opposing opinions of what’s proper and not. With that in mind, let’s start at the beginning and make it simple and enjoyable.

Here are some basics to get
you started in the right direction:

Wedding invitations should be sent out six weeks before the wedding date. Wedding invitations being sent out of the United States need to be sent eight weeks before the wedding date.

Order your invitations early; allowing two weeks for the invitations to arrive from the printer. Allow yourself two weeks to address the invitations. With an already busy schedule on your part, be sure to allow enough time for all the details so you can make your day less stressful for yourself and those around you.

Your invitations can be elegant and traditional or more contemporary and fun–depending on your individual tastes. They come in all sizes and styles with a wide range of lettering and ink colors.

If you’ve decided on a traditional wedding, then traditionalists say the invitations should include the following information: The bride’s parents’ names, spelled out in full, with no titles except Dr., Mr. Or Mrs. and no Ms. Those same traditionalists say Ms. is used in business only and that Miss is for the single, never married person.

Perhaps you have no clue as to what you want in an invitation. A visit to your local stationery store may provide you with a beginning concept, as you browse through a book or two of invitations. Etiquette guidelines are discussed, along with a variety of wedding verses both contemporary and traditional weddings, along with lettering styles and ink colors.

Whether or not you have an idea of what kind of an announcement you want, you may want to contact some wedding invitation companies and set up an appointment to meet with one of their consultants who can guide you through the selection process in your home or in their store office.

If you’re in a quandary as to how to get started, you may want to attend one of the ever popular Bridal Shows or Expos. BrideWorld has dates coming up where you can meet with several invitation companies face-to-face, along with companies that represent all aspects of weddings from flowers to bridal wear, honeymoons, cakes, bridal gift registry and much more available for everything you’ll need and want to know for your wedding, not to mention an exciting bridal fashion show with complete wedding wear, down to the youngest in your wedding party.

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