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Assist your daughter as the mother-of-the-bride, don’t annoy her!

Your daughter is getting married, so you are more than excited about the upcoming Big Day. However, please keep in mind that this is her big moment and she will most likely be extremely stressed out about it all – so you should be very careful with how you offer your help.
How to make sure you don’t annoy your dear daughter? We have gathered some of the tasks she will truly want you to help her with – so read on and find out more.

mother of the bride

• Surprise the bride and her groom with a special moment. It may be a reading, a very special dessert they love or even the live performance of an artist they love. Whatever it is, please make sure to choose something they will like, so that you make this moment genuinely unforgettable.
• Help her with the craftier tasks. The envelopes, the welcome sign, the seating chart, the bows on each wedding favor – these are small tasks that can take quite a lot of time, so the bride will be happy for the help you offer her with this kind of things.
• Order food on the morning of the wedding day. With so many things to juggle with, the bride might forget about her (and her bridesmaids’ breakfast), so make sure to order something easy, delicious and nutritious, so that all the ladies are properly fed before they walk down the aisle.
• Be nice with the mother of the groom. OK, you may not like her a lot, but, starting soon, she will be part of your family – so play nice and make the bride happy to see how the two of you get along with each other. This will save your daughter a lot of stress and it will give a good head start for a wonderful family relationship.

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