Be unique when creating your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first “encounter” your guests will have with your wedding. Therefore, you will want to make them really good! If you are searching for some unique and beautiful ideas for your wedding invitations, make sure to check out with the following tips:

unique wedding invitation

• Playful balloons. Have balloons printed with the main “info” you would otherwise include in your wedding invitations (location, date and so on). Stick the balloon to one side of the wedding invitation card and write all the other bits of information on the other side (things such as dress code, the address of your wedding website and so on).
• Compass wedding invitations. If you plan on having a destination wedding, print your “invitations” on paper compasses instead of the regular cards. Replace North, West, South and East with “Where”, “When”, “RSVP” and “More Info”.
• 8-bit old-school video game. If both you and your future spouse are “geeks” and if you love retro games, why not bring this into your wedding invitations? With a bit of creativity, you can actually create something “interactive” that’s inspired by the games of your childhood!
• Wooden wedding invitations. If you want to have a rustic/country wedding, forget about invitations that only look like wood. Have actual wooden invitations! Have your info laser-cut into thin wooden invitations and your guests will love the idea.
• Vintage handkerchiefs. If you want to have a wedding inspired by the vintage fashion, having your invitations printed on handkerchiefs created according to the vintage style is a great idea. Choose your favorite decade (be it the 20’s, the 40’s or the 60’s) and design your handkerchief-invitations according to it!
• Chocolate wrap. Have your invitation printed on chocolate wrap and “sweeten” your guests right from the very beginning. Who wouldn’t love a sweet treat and the receiving the great news of a wedding invitation at the same time?

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