Big weddings are not always wanted by everyone, have a small wedding without hurting anyone’s feelings

Although most of the people want their wedding day to be unforgettable, the truth is that not all people want big, glamorous weddings. A small wedding can be just as precious, beautiful and emotional as a big one – but the key with planning such a wedding is making sure that you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. How to do this? Here are some helpful tips you might want to keep in mind:

small wedding tips

• If you want to have a micro-wedding because you live very far away from most of your acquaintances, send invitations only to your closest relatives and friends. This way, nobody will feel obliged to send a wedding gift even if they cannot attend the wedding. Even more, you will save yourself the pressure of having to handle all the “no” RSVPs you are likely to receive.
• To make everyone feel included (even those who cannot actually attend the wedding), you could ask your photographer to post photos in real time. Also, you could set up a video feed as well – so that your loved ones feel closer to you on this important day of your life.
• If you really want a reception, you can have a “second” one when you get back home (or nearer to your friends and relatives). This reception can have all the elements of a “first reception” – from bouquet toss to wearing a wedding gown, everything is allowed as long as it makes you feel happy.

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Photo source: Ryan Polei

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