Budget Bridal Shower? Yes, You Can!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride’s best friend or her mother – if the task of planning her bridal shower has fallen on your lap, you want to make sure this pre-wedding event is perfect from every point of view.

However, what do you do when your budget (and that of the other bridesmaids) is quite limited?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do to plan a truly amazing bridal shower even if you’re running on a tighter budget – and following, we have gathered some tips to help you with this. Read on and find out more.

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  • Start with a very clear, actually written down budget. You cannot plan anything on a budget if you don’t clearly establish just how much you can all afford to spend on this event. Of course, the bride’s happiness is important – but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank (plus, causing you financial trouble will definitely make her anything but happy). Ask around and see what kind of money everyone can chip in, then put it down on paper and work with it.

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  • DIY bridal shower décor is actually not that difficult. OK, if you have the budget, you might want to buy professionally-made flower arrangements. But otherwise, given that this is a pretty low-key event, you can get away with cute dollar store items, bulk flowers and inexpensive Ikea vases.

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  • Keep it generally sweet and modest. No need to book an expensive restaurant when this kind of events are usually planned at home. No need to get expensive catering, you can ask guests to bring something they make at home (and this will add such a personal note to the event too!). No need to get expensive stationery when you can download freebies online and send electronic invitations (and yes, this is more than acceptable for a bridal shower). There are so many things you can keep low-key and still pull off an amazing, sweet, memorable party!


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