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Bring Some Fun into Your Wedding with These Tips!

Your wedding guests might not remember the fantastic colors of your California wedding. And they might not remember the kind of napkins you placed on the table. But if there’s one thing they will remember is how they felt. The key to a successful wedding reception lies in making people feel genuinely great – and… Read More »

Cake Topper Ideas to Sweeten Up Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of the entire wedding menu – the core that shines brighter than everything else, the item every single guest will be looking forward to. Even more, your wedding cake is a piece of décor in its own right, so you absolutely want for it to look amazing. Have you… Read More »

Wedding Flowers 101: What Do Some of the Most Popular Ones Symbolize?

Flowers are so quintessentially bridal that it would be hard to imagine a world where blooms completely disappear from the wedding landscape. Sure, there are many AMAZING options that don’t include actual blooms in your bouquet and wedding décor. But even so, if you are like the vast majority of brides and grooms in California,… Read More »

Unconventional Bride? These Attire Ideas Are Amazing for You, Then!

Thankfully, weddings aren’t as strict as they used to be. From the number of bridesmaids and the number of groomsmen, to the flowers a bride had to carry down the aisle and to the way she had to coordinate her wedding elements, everything used to be “legislated” by some sort of wedding etiquette rule. Sure,… Read More »

Have You Ever Considered Decorating Your Home with Wedding Items?

Regardless of whether or not you lived together before the wedding day, coming (back) home as a married couple will feel a lot more different. Why wouldn’t you (re)decorate the space where you’ll spend your lives together as well? Fortunately, you don’t even need to spend a fortune on this. In fact, you can actually… Read More »