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A white wedding dress isn’t a must!

It may seem that the white wedding dress has always been a “must-have” for every bride in the Western Hemisphere. And yet, the white wedding gown is less than two centuries old – and when it first appeared, it actually caused quite a lot of shock and amazement. Sure, these days, most brides choose to… Read More »

Shots You Don’t Want to Miss

With the excitement of your wedding day, you’re likely to feel that you’ve posed for a thousand pictures. Make sure those include the special shots that you wanted by planning with your photographer and/or videographer in advance. If you want a picture with just siblings or you and your groom and just grandmothers, make your… Read More »

Planning Checklists

With service contracts, split budgets, different deadlines and deposits due, you’ve got to stay organized! The following checklists and worksheets were designed by wedding specialists, to help you keep it all straight. • A Starting Point • Bride’s Monthly Planner • Groom’s Monthly Planner • Ceremony Music • Reception Music Each checklist is also available… Read More »