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Modern Etiquette Guide

Most etiquette books are written with a traditional family in mind. You know the kind: 2 parents, 2 future in-laws, 2.5 kids and1 dog. But your situation might not be so neat and tidy. For example, how do you word the invitation when your family includes 4 stepparents? How do you include your child in… Read More »

Name Change Checklist

Whether you’re adopting his last name or hyphenating your own, there are several steps to take when changing your name. First and foremost, you must get married. After that, you’ll need to register with the Social Security office. Everyone from your bank to your credit cards will ask for proof from the Social Security administration… Read More »

Buying Your Dress

Something New   Buying Your Dress The most important apparel purchase you’ll ever make involves more than just finding the perfect dress. Once you have it, there are alterations to make, a veil and shoes to match, a trousseau to consider… So whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute. Taking care of your… Read More »