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A Starting Point

To begin your planning, it is beneficial to confront a few basic questions. Pencil in your personal preferences or “best guesses” now. Don’t worry too much about your answers. This is just a preliminary worksheet to get you started. Your final decisions will come later. Download PDF here: Wedding Date: Alternate: Time of Day: [… Read More »

Etiquette & Planning Guide

Planning a wedding takes months of preparation, careful budgeting and the inevitable compromise. Especially if this is your first wedding, questions about what is customary inevitably arise. Should you include registry cards in your invitation? Who pays for the rehearsal dinner? Is it appropriate for your dad to lead a toast at the reception?Need answers?… Read More »

Old World Traditions

Traditions Want to add a little something extra to your wedding? By incorporating a custom from another country into your nuptials, you can honor your own cultural heritage or begin a new family tradition. Or maybe you just always wanted to know where the money dance came from… Africa: Jumping the Broom While the custom… Read More »