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Welcome Your Out of Town Guests Properly!

Unless you are planning your wedding in the same town you and your future spouse grew up in, there’s a high chance you will have quite a lot of out of town guests invited at the Big Day. Even more, given that these people love you so much as to travel a long way for… Read More »

Wedding Invitation Questions? Read These Etiquette Tips

We all know just how confusing and odd wedding etiquette can be sometimes. Like it or not though, there are etiquette rules that are still followed for a very good reason: they still make sense, even in today’s modern background. What are the wedding invitation etiquette rules all couples should know before mailing them? We… Read More »

The Best Tips for the Best Wedding Menu

Your wedding menu is more than important – along with good music and drinks, it is actually among the absolute essentials no wedding should ever skimp on. These are the three “magic” ingredients that make for a successful event, and weddings make no exception whatsoever. So, how do you plan the best wedding menu? We… Read More »

Have You Chosen a Fall Wedding Theme?

Fall is here in full force – and if you are among the brides who are downright in love with the season of warm colors and fallen leaves, you definitely want to create a wedding that goes perfectly with the outdoor landscape. What are some of the very best fall wedding theme ideas? We have… Read More »

Unique Guestbook Ideas Everyone Will Love

Guestbooks may seem outdated to many of you, but the truth is that many brides and grooms still opt for this wedding “extra”. You have very good reasons to do so, especially with today’s modern and unique guestbook ideas that are bound to surprise the guests. Looking for some of these special guestbook ideas? Read… Read More »

It’s His Big Day Too! Tips for the Groom’s Wedding Attire

Yes, it may seem the bride is always the one in the spotlight – but the absolute truth is that brides are not the only ones interested in looking good on their Big Day. As a matter of fact, grooms want to look great just as much as their brides do. How do you achieve… Read More »

These Signs Will Tell You If You Have The Right Wedding Vendors

Hiring the perfect vendors is crucial if you want your wedding to be really amazing from all points of view. And while you may know how to research the best wedding specialists, making the final call can be quite baffling. How do you know when you have found the right wedding vendors? Read on and… Read More »

Your Mom Will Love Playing Any Of These Roles in the Wedding

Your mom deserves all your love and respect – so you will definitely want to make her feel really happy and proud on your wedding day. After all, she’s the one who gave you birth, and the one person in the world who understands you better than anyone, especially on your Big Day. How to… Read More »

These Wedding Favors Will WOW Everyone

Let’s face it: refrigerator magnets featuring a couple you know are not exactly your favorite home décor item, right? Why would you offer them to your wedding guests, then? After all, you want to make them really happy with the little attentions you leave on the table and you want them to really know how… Read More »

Dress Codes 101: Top Tips to Know about Deciphering the Wedding Dress Code

Let’s admit it: for most people, dress codes can be quite confusing. And it is perfectly understandable why – too many combinations, unclear directions, and insufficient experience in dealing with dress codes can easily lead people to feel underdressed or overdressed. How to help your guests decipher your wedding dress code and help them feel… Read More »