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5 Reasons To Consider A Weekday Wedding

Wby choose a weekday? There are so many reasons to have a weekday wedding! It is one of the best choices for a budget friendly wedding. Couple’s are able to keep the quality without sacrificing their wallet. Guests can travel cheaper and it can be a no brainer to turn an ordinary mundane Monday into… Read More »

This Bridal Party Is So Lit!

Having trouble planning a unique and fun bridal shower? Natural Wicks candle bar has put together the most perfect experience for your bridal party. Give your guests a memory they won’t forget all while giving back to Children’s Hospital. What could be better than that? The Luxury Candle Natural Wicks premium candles are vegan, clean… Read More »

Desert Glam: 2020 Wedding Theme Inspiration

Desert glam is going to be a big trend for 2020 weddings, with dazzling decor added in for extra splendor. Think metallics mixed with succulents, is anyone else having a moment? The natural glory and wonder of the California desert and the juxtaposition of the glitz of a glamorous wedding make for an eye-catching wedding… Read More »

Personalize Your Wedding Reception With These Budget Friendly Ideas

Your wedding ceremony is filled with completely unique wedding details – how could it not be, with your vows being the centerpiece of the entire day?? So while your I Do’s will highlight everything that makes you as a couple, so special, your wedding reception has fewer obvious ways to make it unique. Here are… Read More »

Unconventional Wedding Ceremony Decor Trends To Fall In Love With

Making your wedding ceremony is about more than it is remarkable – it’s about the ceremony being remarkably YOU! So if traditional wedding elements aren’t your thing, embrace some fresh wedding ceremony trends that will wow your guests and speak to your personality. Aisle That Are Anything But A Straight Line – we love to… Read More »

The Best Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Help In Wedding Planning

Your bridesmaids are your besties, your partners in crime, your total ride or dies. When you are engaged and planning your wedding, this is the most exciting time of your life, and now more than ever, you need them by your side! But your bridesmaids might not be totally sure on how to help you… Read More »

How To Stay Organized During Wedding Planning

Staying organized during wedding planning isn’t easy! What’s the best way to keep your information together?

Fall Bridesmaid Fashion Trends

Fall = sweater weather, and for anyone who loves to snuggle, then this is your SEASON! Embrace it! And if you’re getting married in the Fall, then you have a host of Fall fashion options for your bridesmaids that Spring, Summer and Winter don’t (note, it’s totally OK if they’re a bit jealous). Three words… Read More »

What Wedding Professional Do I Need?

Even the most passionate, excited bride needs a little help with her wedding planning (and yes, we know your bridesmaids are legit, but also they aren’t pros). Calling in reinforcements lowers your stress level, streamlines your planning process, and can save you money on your budget. But what kind of help do you need? From… Read More »

You Must Do This On Your Wedding Morning!

There’s one thing I can promise you won’t happen on your wedding morning – your alarm clock will not be what wakes you up! It’s the most exciting day of your life, where your whole world comes together to celebrate the amazing person that has connected with your heart on the deepest level possible, who… Read More »