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Have You Chosen a Fall Wedding Theme?

Fall is here in full force – and if you are among the brides who are downright in love with the season of warm colors and fallen leaves, you definitely want to create a wedding that goes perfectly with the outdoor landscape.

What are some of the very best fall wedding theme ideas? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you need some inspiration.

fall wedding theme

  • Sophisticated jewels. Although not a classic fall wedding theme, this particular idea is more than suitable for the season outside. The colors, the luxuriousness, the romanticism of this wedding theme work perfectly with the fall season – so you have all the reasons to love jewel toned motifs and incorporate them into your Big Day!

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wedding theme ideas

  • Back to school. Blackboards have been a huge wedding décor trend for quite some time now, so why not incorporate them in a fall wedding theme? Paired with apples, backpack-inspired designs and childish stationery, this wedding theme can help you create a truly unique, playful event!

Don’t forget to hire the right wedding designer too! A professional can really help you create the perfect ambiance for your Big Day!

fall wedding theme ideas

  • A season of true opulence, fall is not always about the dead leaves or rainy days – but also about the harvest. This wedding theme is really great for a country-chic event – so if you want to be closer to nature, you will definitely love this idea.


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