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Create your wedding to be uniquely unconventional

Your wedding deserves to be one of the most amazing and unforgettable days of your entire life. Therefore, it is only natural to want every single part of it to be unique and fully personalized according to who you are as individuals and as a couple as well.
What are some of the most unique wedding ideas out there? We have gathered them for your inspiration – so read on and plan the wedding of your dreams.

unconventional wedding ideas

• A personalized aisle runner. Sure, the red carpet may seem really Hollywood-like and it may be extremely elegant. But if you want your wedding to be really special, why not create an aisle runner that truly coordinates with your wedding theme, with your love story and with your personal style? From writing down the timeline of your wedding to asking engagement party guests to write down special messages you will walk down the aisle on, there’s a myriad of ideas. Be creative and your aisle runner will look great!

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unique wedding ideas

• A food truck. Be it an ice cream truck, a doughnut truck or a soda pop truck, you are guaranteed to entertain and delight your guests regardless of their age. From the youngest to the seniors, everyone will enjoy walking down memory lane and indulging in your food truck’s treats.

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unique unconventional wedding

• A confetti bar. Unique wedding bars are all the rage right now – but why not turn yours into something genuinely unique? Plan for a confetti bar and ask guests to design their perfect confetti combination to use as you exit your wedding. They will have tons of fun doing it and it will look gorgeous in the pictures!

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