Creating Incredible Moments At Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be memorable no matter what, but one thing that you’ll hear from almost every couple who hosted a wedding, they say that the day flies by! You have been so focused on planning your wedding day; you forget that it’s merely that – one day! Although your wedding day does go by quickly, there are things you can do to create especially meaningful moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Plan Out Quiet Time for Your and Your Babe: There are plenty of opportunities to sneak away from the crowd on your wedding day. Consider taking 2 minutes by yourself before you start up the receiving line or booking a limo just for the two of you to drive you to and from your photos. You can also opt to share a glass of champagne, only the two of you before you enter the reception. How ever you decide, it’s a great idea to build in some quality time so you can laugh, kiss, and share moments of unbelievable bliss together! 

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Take It All In: Talk to your wedding officiant about if there is an opportunity during your vows for your fiancé and to take a moment and look out on the crowd of people who have gathered to celebrate your love. By looking at out at your guests, together, you’ll have a different understanding and perspective of how momentous the occasion is. As well, it will take you a little bit outside yourself, and help you realize just how many people in the world love you dearly and want nothing but a lifetime of happiness for you. By creating a moment of realization for yourself, it will become a memory that sticks in your heart for the rest of your life. 

Do Something Surprising: Create a moment that you’ll never forget by doing something unplanned. Maybe the two of you grab the mic and sing a duet at the reception; maybe an epic rock paper scissors competition breaks out among the guests, perhaps someone will show up a ton of hilarious photos from high school or a burger from your favorite hamburger joint! The surprises that occur at your wedding is what you’ll remember, so even if they are (slightly) unwelcome, can you flip your perspective and make them an incredible memory? We think you can! 

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