Dazzle Your Look: What Wedding Jewelry Do You Need?

You’ve scored your dream gown – you LOVE it, your family loves it, your girls love it. It’s on point, in budget, and you’re obsessed. Check that off the list! Oh, but you’re not done shopping yet (and it’s not like those words even make you cringe). It’s time to start planning your wedding jewelry, and that will be just as fun as shopping for your perfect dress. Here are your potential wedding day jewelry options – you can have one piece, all the pieces, or no pieces. It’s all about your personal style on your wedding day!

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Head jewelry: Hair accessories are having a major moment, and we’re here for it. Everything from oversized rose gold bobby pins to bright scrunchies to pearl-encrusted clips, you can’t go wrong accessories your hair with serious bling. Whether your sparkle is at the forefront, sitting on top of your head like a crown or a headband, or whether you tuck it subtly beside your low chignon, the jewelry that sits in with your hair is critical. It will be seen in almost every photo of you, so choose wisely.

Beautiful bride getting ready for her wedding

Negligee: Don’t feel like you’re limited to only choosing a necklace for your wedding day (although with so many styles of necklaces, you’re not really limited, are you?). A simple pendant necklace or chunky gemstone necklace will light up your wedding dress. The illusion designs that grace many wedding gowns in 2020 provide a unique style of negligee jewelry – if your dress has intricate embroidery or embellishments already, don’t feel bad about skipping the extra jewelry piece. If you’re feeling especially fashion-forward, opt for a wedding collar that will add some haute couture to your look.

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Ears: Studs or champagne earrings, you can’t go wrong either way. Can you add a bit of edge by finding an ear cuff that suits your style? For bohemian or minimalist styled brides, they are the perfect accessory to add some extra sparkle.

The bride and groom exchange rings at the wedding ceremony

Wrist: As you raise your hands to join with your fiancé’s, a set of bangles can dangle off your wrist. A tennis bracelet encrusted with crystals will make the light dance, or an elegant gold watch will show some added sophistication (and practically – how much longer until we start dancing?!). The wrists are similar to the negligee pieces, as many gowns with illusion designs fulfill the need for jewelry.

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