Have You Decided What to Do With the Wedding Dress after the Wedding?

Your wedding dress is obviously more than just another evening attire. It is a symbol of the most beautiful day of your life. You have spent a lot of time to choose it, and you will definitely look stunning wearing it on your wedding day.

What happens afterwards though? What will you do with the wedding dress after the Big Day?

We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • You can store it in a box, or you can even have it framed. There are a lot of wedding gown preservation specialists who can help you find the right way to store your wedding dress as a souvenir of the Big Day. This is what a lot of brides choose to do once the wedding is over.

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  • You can sell it, or you can even donate it. Want to recover part of your wedding dress investment? There are plenty of ladies who will be happy to wear a slightly worn wedding dress if it comes at a lower price (and this is especially true for designer gowns). Moreover, if you don’t need the money, you can always donate the gown to a bride in need, who will definitely appreciate the gesture.

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post-wedding ideas

  • You can recycle it, or you can even trash it altogether. A wedding dress can become a gorgeous family item – such as a quilt, or a christening gown. But if you’re not into this kind of souvenirs, you can always have a breathtaking Trash the Dress wedding photo shoot – the pictures will be truly spectacular!

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