Desert Glam: 2020 Wedding Theme Inspiration

Desert glam is going to be a big trend for 2020 weddings, with dazzling decor added in for extra splendor. Think metallics mixed with succulents, is anyone else having a moment? The natural glory and wonder of the California desert and the juxtaposition of the glitz of a glamorous wedding make for an eye-catching wedding theme. So, what ways can you incorporate this smooth, sleek combination?

Color Patterns
Star with your color palette. Go with soft neutrals as a base – colors like sand, linen, and oat are all perfect warm neutrals to base your palette off of. Then starting adding in your favorite pastels that stem from secondary colors. Coral pink, teals, heather purple, or even mix in some from primary colors, like sapphire blue, sage green, and butter yellow. Colors that you would see in the natural sunset are the perfect pairings. Then add a dash of metallic, like bronze, copper, or silver for accents that shimmer and desert glam is in your hands!

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Decor Ideas
Succulents are a natural decor must for a dessert theme wedding, and you can add personality in the ways that you display them. Why not pot them in mercury glass votives instead of standard planters? Another fun way to incorporate desert motifs is wrapping tea lights around cactus, which will create eye-catching silhouettes as the day wears down. For additional decor, add items that are made of natural fibers, like woven grass plate chargers or wooden tables and chairs. For any signage, go with hand-painted on wood palettes for that natural, desert vibe.

Where to add metallics?
Your knives and forks can be a great place to add in some metallic shimmer. Opt for copper knives and forks for warmer toned wedding decor, or rose gold for something extra special. Linens are another easy, high impact place to add metallics. Gold napkins with a bit of sparkle are the perfect added touch to any tablescape.

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How will you be embracing the glamorous desert theme for your 2020 wedding?

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