Designing A Bridal Shower

Afternoon in the Garden: Designing a Bridal Shower


The bridal shower is an exceptional opportunity to spend some precious time with close family and friends, celebrating your time as a bride and preparing for your new married life. Whether that bridal shower is for eight guests or 80, making it unique is just as important as making the wedding special.

Although it is traditionally the bridesmaids’ responsibility to plan and coordinate the bridal shower, it is typical for the bridesmaids to confer with the bride about the style and theme of shower she would prefer. Creating a beautiful and memorable shower is not about grandeur or overdone décor, as the focus should be on the rite of passage that is taking place.

Create the Look

Select a location that complements the theme of the shower. For a garden party, it seems quite obvious to look for a beautifully maintained garden to accommodate the guests. However, do not count out a lovely restaurant or café with a garden ambiance. Holding the party in a backyard or public park is also an option. If the surroundings need a little sprucing, place potted plants throughout the area and let the guests take them home as a “living favor.”

Create a focal point. Go all out for at least one of the tables. This could be the table the bride and her mother are seated at or the table where the cake or pastries will be displayed. Really make an impact. Use an existing structure or purchase an inexpensive arch or gazebo from a local craft or hardware store. Cover the gazebo in trailing greens and create a canopy of cherry blossoms. Hang a chandelier dripping with luscious blooms or hydrangeas, roses, and button mums to complete the drama.

Drape the tables in layers of fresh linens. Raspberry and lime make a clean and contemporary statement, while a toile print pays homage to the traditional. A sweetly folded raspberry napkin will not detract from the fanciful linens.

Pure white china is accented with red toile plates. Renting the plates is always an option, but you can also find them for pennies at second-hand stores or discount stores. If you cannot find enough matching plates, mix them up. Stay with a color scheme and similar themes to make the look work.

For a centerpiece, have some fun. Create wedding cakes of paved flowers. Try different sizes and tier heights to add interest. Accent some tables with julep cups filled with matching blooms. Top each place setting with an opened rose head.

Don’t forget the details. Have invitations created using the same fresh colors and tie them with the perfectly colored ribbon as the final touch. Menu cards to match, each calligraphied with the guests’ names, are the perfect accessory. On the bread plate, halves of lime with a small pink bloom tucked in the center, add an unexpected touch.

On the Menu

Serve traditional tea sandwiches, fresh fruits, and a bevy of pastries and scones complete with lemon curd and cream. The visually and sensory delights continue by serving rosemary lemonade (made with pink lemonade of course!), water with lime wedges, and sparkling pink champagne. A collection of herbal teas will make the party complete.

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