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You Don’t Have to Invite Everyone at Your Wedding

Creating the right guest list lies at the very foundation of planning a successful wedding (and one that doesn’t exceed your financial resources, for that matter!). However, pulling together a list of guests may prove to be much more complicated than it may seem at first…especially when there’s pressure for you to invite more people than you want.

The good news? You don’t have to invite everyone at your wedding – and here’s how to handle this stingy issue.

wedding etiquette tips

  • The easiest way to go around this is by being totally honest. The more “hidden” you are with revealing your reasons, the more likely it is that you will generate even more drama surrounding this issue. Therefore, it is far better to be completely honest and explain why you can’t invite more people at your wedding, or simply why you cannot invite people you don’t actually know (e.g. distant relatives or friends of your parents, because they insist on it).

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  • Don’t give in. If you give in on one or two guests, you will eventually give in on all of those you don’t actually want to invite. Be very straightforward and certain, and avoid fighting over something like this – both you and your family want to be happy on this gloriously beautiful day of your life and fighting over a guest list will only lead to tension and anxiety.

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wedding guest list tips

  • Last, but surely not least, don’t forget to focus on the people you do invite at your wedding. They will take their time (and spend their money) to join you in this unique celebration – so they deserve to be provided with an excellent experience that creates amazing memories.

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