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Dress Codes 101: Top Tips to Know about Deciphering the Wedding Dress Code

Let’s admit it: for most people, dress codes can be quite confusing. And it is perfectly understandable why – too many combinations, unclear directions, and insufficient experience in dealing with dress codes can easily lead people to feel underdressed or overdressed.

How to help your guests decipher your wedding dress code and help them feel great in their own skin at your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

dress codes explained

  • White Tie events tend to be the most glamorous and elegant types of wedding. Not only do these events take place in large ballrooms and luxury venues, but the dress code associated with them is very sober and elegant too. Men are expected to wear a black and white tux (with a white bow-tie), while ladies are expected to wear long dresses that don’t show too much skin.

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wedding dress codes

  • Black Tie weddings are also very elegant, but they are more widely spread among couples getting married. In this case, men are expected to wear a black and white tuxedo, while women can dress in long formal gowns (but they are still allowed to show more skin, and even wear slit skirts).

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what dress codes mean

  • Black Tie optional weddings are among the most confusing ones – and for a good reason, given that it can be really hard to strike the balance between “very formal” and “slightly casual”. In this case, women should wear dresses that combine the appeal of a cocktail gown with that of a formal one, while men should wear either a black and white tuxedo, or an elegant suit.

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