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Entertain your wedding guests with some fun reception games!

Your guests deserve to have fun at your wedding – and you definitely want them to have the time of their lives as well. How do you do it, though? What are some of the most entertaining game options for weddings? We have gathered some suggestions to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

wedding entertainment ideas

• Photo booth guest book. If you want to have a unique wedding, forget about the classic guest book. Instead, rent a photo booth and ask guests to write their warm wishes on a chalkboard – and then take photos with it in the photo booth. This way, they will have fun and they will contribute to creating some really nice memories as well.

• Classic icebreakers. Of course, a well-planned seating arrangement can help your guests break the ice and have fun together. At the same time though, it would be great to everyone with some fun party games (such as wedding-themed Mad Libs, for example). This will help your guests get to know each other and have fun with a common goal: that of playing a fun game everyone can relate to.

• Drink tasting. Planning to surprise your guests in an elegant way? Organize a drink tasting or pairing, conducted by a specialist. Even if they are not aficionados, your guests will still have tons of fun with this special activity (and they will also leave home knowing more about your favorite drink and how to pair it with the best dishes).

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