Fall Bridesmaid Fashion Trends

Fall = sweater weather, and for anyone who loves to snuggle, then this is your SEASON! Embrace it! And if you’re getting married in the Fall, then you have a host of Fall fashion options for your bridesmaids that Spring, Summer and Winter don’t (note, it’s totally OK if they’re a bit jealous).

Pop a sweater or poncho over bridesmaids dresses like these for Fall coziness!

Three words – bridesmaids in boots. YAS. You probably did not think abotu it, but bridesmaids in boots is a major trend picking up stream. Ankle boots, boyfriend boots, cowboy boots (some brides are even looking at UGG boots, but we’re not sure about that look yet). And we’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t LOVE an excuse to buy a new pair of boots so why not let your babes indulge? Pair boots with long, flowing gowns of a light cotton or fitted pencil skirts.

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You know what makes everyone feel delicious? A warm and cozy knit poncho. Whether it’s a wrap style poncho or a turtle neck style, it’s a great functional piece that looks adorable on Fall bridesmaids. Pair with playful dresses that have skirts that move and it will look so sweet! Plus it keeps them ultra warm during your outdoor bridal photos. Bonus! Pick yourself up a matching version, maybe in a different color, so you can all be your most comfortable together.

Bridesmaids in cowboy boots are super cute for Fall.

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Speaking of being comfortable, a major hair craze is making it’s way to weddings and that, my friends, is the scrunchie. A scrunchie chignon is comfortable, sweet, classy and easy to do it! Gather hair with a loose ponytail, and pull out some medium weight chunks near the face. Then wrap your hair into a chignon bun and secure with the scrunchie, then tuck loose bits in to tidy it up. For added pretty, tie a ribbon to the scrunchie to make a bow and curl the hair pieces at the face for an elegant all day look that your girls can tidy up themselves!

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