Getting Started With Custom Wedding Cocktails

You’ve said your vows, you’ve sealed it with a kiss and you’re heading off to have your portraits done but what are your guests doing? They’re getting ready for cocktail hour! Usually 90 minutes to two hours, cocktail hour is the time between the ceremony and the reception, when guests mix, mingle, play games and of course, have a drink in your honor! But cocktail hour doesn’t have to be the same old, you have plenty of opportunty to spice it up with custom wedding cocktails. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going on how you can mix up your drink list.

Craft Beers Are The Perfect Local Drink

Craft beers are exploding these days, and there are some seriously good breweries out there. Having old standards at the bar is excellent, but why not incorporate some locally crafted beers? It’s the perfect excuse for your guests to try out a new drink that they might fall in love with, plus you’re supporting a local business who might be just getting on it’s feet! With craft beers, you might even be able to organize having unique labels printed for your wedding to make things extra custom!

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Use Gorgeous Colours In Your Wedding Cocktails

Taste is one thing but what about colors? Cocktails are a delight for all the senses, sight included. Sweet oranges, bright pinks, vibrant blues – cocktails can come in all varieties of the rainbow and can be created to match your carefully designed color palette. For bonus cuteness, have custom cocktail napkins designed with your monogram or your wedding date, and print them in a color to compliment your cocktail!

Glasses of cocktails on bar background

Unique Ingredients Make Your Wedding Cocktails Even More Custom

Is there a berry or a fruit that’s native to your region? Incorporate that into your summer cocktail for something fresh, and locally inspired. Winter wedding? Consider a coffee inspired cocktail or a spiked hot chocolate, which will complement the season perfectly!

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