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Go out of the ordinary with these place card holder ideas

Every bride wants her wedding to be special. There are many ways you can actually get out of the ordinary when it comes to your wedding and all it takes is a bit of creativity. For instance, your place card holders can be unique and original – just as the following ideas are. Read on and find some inspiration for your place card holders.

  • For an elegant wedding, pick something that is not very “obvious”. A delicate, small bird or a finely designed holder can be a great choice if you want your wedding to be classy and unique at the same time.
  • If you are having a vintage wedding, go for mini-photo frames with an antique/vintage look. Use two of them: one with your photo and one with the actual place cards. You can even help creating these if you want to add a very personal touch: purchase simple, small frames and paint them with “antiquing” spray paint to give them that “old-school” look.
  • If you are having an outdoor rustic wedding, mini-logs can look absolutely wonderful. Simply “crack” them in the middle and place the cards there. This will create a very rustic appearance and it will help you compliment your wedding theme.
  • If your wedding reception takes place in late evening or at night, simply get some glass candle holders and glue the place cards on the outside. This will help you create a romantic atmosphere on every table.

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