Gold, emerald and teal – a gorgeous color theme for your summer wedding

Choosing a color theme for your wedding is truly important if you want everything to look beautifully pulled together and elegant. This summer, gold, emerald and teal make for a wonderful, trendy and really versatile combination – so why wouldn’t you give it a try at least? Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

emerald, teal and gold wedding

• Bridesmaids dresses. Allow your bridesmaids to choose their own shades of emerald and teal and “instruct” them to accessorize with gold jewelry and pouches. This will look absolutely gorgeous in the warm summer light!
• An explosion of color for the centerpieces. Combine wild flowers with teal and emerald accents if you want to create centerpieces that are full of color and energy. This works perfectly with weddings that take place on the mountainside or on the beach.
• Wear gold and emerald accessories. Add a pop of color to your white dress by accessorizing in gold and teal. This looks really beautiful on tanned skin, but it can be gorgeous on just about any type of complexion, really.
• Gold vest for him. Suggest him to wear a simple tuxedo with dark navy pants, a pale shade of blue for the shirt and a dusty gold vest. Stylish, masculine and yet so completely unique, this combination is more than suitable for an emerald-teal-gold wedding!

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