Guest Lists Can Change – Be Prepared

You have probably planned and re-planned everything (and most likely spent hours making sure everyone attending the wedding will be on the guest list). Yet, extra-guests are always a possibility – whether they forgot to send their RSVP, it got lost, or simply brought an unconfirmed plus-one to the wedding.

What do you do in such situations? How can you prepare to handle them as gracefully as possible? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

wedding guest list tips

  • Order some extra escort cards, in blank. In case unexpected guests appear at the wedding, pull the blank escort cards and write down your extra guest’s name on them, so that they can place the card at their table.

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unexpected wedding guests

  • When ordering the food, be sure to add a few extra servings to the final counting. You never know who might show up at the wedding, and not having enough food to serve them will definitely make you feel quite awkward. If nobody unexpected appears at the wedding, you can just share the extra servings with your wedding party, for example.

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wedding menu tips

  • As the wedding day approaches, take a few minutes to look at your seating arrangement. Is there any table where you might be able to squeeze in another chair? Write down these options for your day-of coordinator or Maid of Honor. If someone unexpected shows up at the wedding, your Maid of Honor can simply pull out the list and offer them a seat.

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