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Have you wondered if you can alter your wedding dress neckline?

Your wedding dress should suit you from all points of view: your style, your sense of fashion, your personality and, of course, your body too. Yet, what happens when you think you have found the perfect gown – but would like to alter its neckline to make it absolutely sublime for you? Can you actually do that?

We have gathered some of the most important things you should know about altering a wedding dress’ neckline – so read on to find out more.

wedding dress alteration

• If you want the very short answer, it depends. Some dresses are really easy to alter (including in the neckline area), while others are more complex – which makes altering their necklines either very difficult or completely impossible in terms of time and effort.

• For instance, if your wedding gown has been created with only a few layers of fabric, altering its neckline shouldn’t be very hard. However, if it’s more complex, cutting into the neckline may be too difficult and too time-consuming.

• The best way to make sure you are taking the right decision is to hire a seamstress that’s more than experienced in the art of altering wedding dresses. She will be the one to tell you how doable it is to alter the neckline of your dress, how long it will take, what are the risks and how much it will cost too. If you consider that it will take too much time, money or that the risks are too high, you will most likely be much better off with the dress as it is.

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