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How Flowers Can Give You a Spring Wedding Anytime of the Year

Can you have a spring wedding in the fall or winter? Of course, you can. Other couples choose Victorian or fairytale weddings but if you want a spring themed wedding anytime of the year, then you should be able to have what you want. Weddings are milestone events and it should go the way you envision. It is difficult to predict when your partner pops the big question in time for a seasonal wedding. You can still control your choice in wedding flowers that can set the stage for spring anytime of the year.


Since it is a popular floral choice for weddings, roses are often more expensive. The cost can be worth it to pull off that spring themed wedding successfully. Roses can give the wedding table a clean and classic look. It is a versatile bloom not only because it is perennial and available all year round but because of its diverse value. From the bouquets to aisle décor, roses are ideal not only for spring themed weddings but for other events as well.

Flowering Branches

Although flowering branches look great as a centerpiece, it can also serve as fashion forward bridal scepter bouquet. You do not have to stress over finding branches that flower in the winter like cherry blossoms. A more convenient alternative is finding a skilled florist that can attach blooms on curly willow or dogwood branches.

Order Hydrangeas and Lilacs Online

These spring flowers are available for shipping from countries that have temperate climates. Hydrangea also grows in Columbia and you can arrange for it to arrive on your wedding day. The same goes for lilacs although it might not look as fresh and vibrant as homegrown blooms. If ordering off-season flowers from places like Ecuador is too pricey, you can always explore other spring flowers that can bloom indoors during the winter like tulips.

If you’re still looking for other wedding suppliers, check out our schedule of upcoming events to put in your calendar so you can find a professional you can hire.

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