How To Stay Organized During Wedding Planning

So. Many. Emails. Is staying organized and on top of all the different elements of wedding planning, getting a little overwhelming for you? We get it – it feels like there are 50 million details to look after, and then on top of that, it feels like there are 50 million questions that people keep asking you! For some couples, wedding planning is a shared process, but for others, it falls entirely on the bride’s shoulders (which is good and bad). If you feel like your paddling upstream on your own, try some of these easy organization tips. 

There are a lot of details when it comes to wedding planning – are you feeling overwhelmed?

Create A New Email Address for Wedding Emails Only

Having a separate inbox for your wedding emails means you aren’t missing essential communications between make-up emails and funny meme’s from your bestie. It also means when you have time carved out to work on things, you can log in and focus on what you need to respond to and make decisions. But you’ll have to be disciplined! Make sure to check in on it at least once a day and ask vendors only to communicate with you via text message if it’s critical.

Keeping all your wedding documents in one place will save you the headache, heartache and hassle of losing them!

Choose One Place To Store All Your Documents 

And one place only. Don’t put invoices in a folder in your kitchen, and then contracts in a drawer in the office. It doesn’t matter where you put these critical papers, whether it be a binder or an envelope, keep it all together so that if you need to go back and reference something, there is only one place it could be! 

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Date Night Does Not Equal Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is stressful, so tell your babe that you don’t want to talk about wedding decisions when you’re out trying to have fun while being engaged! Pick a different time, maybe Monday nights when you order in, and can cover everything in detail if need be. Keeping your partner up to date is an excellent sounding board, they can help identify if you’ve missed something or iron out situations that are getting complicated. 

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Stay Calm and Hire A Planner

If you’re still overwhelmed, you’re totally over then outsource it. It’s time to hire a wedding planner who can take on the workload of keeping your planning process organized, on budget, and on time. Sounds dreamy, right? It is! You can meet SoCal’s best wedding planners and coordinators at Bride World Expo this season! 

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