How will you propose to your Bridesmaids? Here are some creative ideas:

The thought of a wedding starts with a special proposal and an engagement ring . And yet, the true planning of a wedding’s minute details usually starts with other types of proposals – those you do for your bridesmaids.

How will you pop the question though? If you want to make this moment special for them (and for you too), take a look at the following ideas because they will definitely inspire you!

  • Offer them a cupcake with a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” sign in them. Everyone loves cupcakes and your special ladies will not be able to refuse them if you ask them so nicely!
  • Use paper dolls to ask the question in a playful, girly way. You can either give them a paper doll to assemble themselves or you can create multiple paper dolls with each of your bridesmaids’ names on them and offer a set to each of the ladies.
  • Offer them a cute “bridesmaid survival kit” including a mini-bottle of your favorite drink, Advil, some lipstick, nail polish and other items you find suitable for your bridesmaids. Write the big question on the “kit” and they will definitely accept to be there for you on this important day of your life!
  • Offer each of your bridesmaids a wine bottle with a customized label on them. The label can contain a cute message (such as “Can’t say I do without you”) and the actual “Will you be my bridesmaid?” question too.
  • Candy ring pops are a very cute and creative way of popping the question too. While they may not be as impressive as your diamond ring, your friends will definitely appreciate the gesture!

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Photo source: micadew

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