Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling!

The sparkle from your engagement ring will catch your eye at weird moments. When you reach for the top of the steering wheel, you might see a glimmer. When you’re grabbing your coffee cup and the light from the sunrise catches the stone, or when you stand under a spotlight in a store, and it starts to dance! The sparkle that comes from your ring is practically addictive; it’s so pretty, but after time, the shine from your ring can start to soften, and that’s no good!

Keep your engagement ring sparkling this holiday season!

Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with your stone. No matter what type of stone or gemstone you have, it will always have its natural splendor. What affects the sparkle the most is how dirty your ring is. That’s right; natural dirt and grime build up in your ring, and to keep your baby shinning, you need to keep it clean!

Make sure to keep your stone free of lotions and creams.

Keeping it clean isn’t hard; it just takes a little diligence. One way to keep it clean is to take it off whenever you’re applying hand lotion or creams. The creams can build up under the setting, which means light won’t be able to reflect through the bottom (which is what gives it it’s sparkle). Creams and lotions can also leave a film layer over top of your stone (as of course, the stone can’t absorb the moisturizer!), and that film will leave it looking dull. Whatever you do, don’t forget to put your ring back on after you put on your lotion! There is literally nothing worse than getting back to your desk at work or your table at a restaurant and realizing your forget your ring in the bathroom!

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If you notice that your ring seems to have lost its sizzle, having it cleaned professionally will instantly add it’s sparkle back! Most jewelers and engagement ring stores offer free cleaning if you purchased your ring from them. Give them a call to make sure that they do and check-in if you need to make an appointment to have it cleaned. Be prepared to leave your ring there for a few hours or the day (and yes, it’s totally ok to miss wearing your engagement ring!)

Clean your ring regularly to keep it shining!

If you can’t get into your jeweler to have your ring cleaned, it’s easy enough to purchase jewelry cleaner to keep at home. Inexpensive and convenient, you can clean not only your engagement but the rest of your precious jewelry as well!

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