Last Minute Tips for the Bride & Groom

By Carolyn Ambrose


Something Old; Something New;
Something Borrowed; Something Blue.

Did you check these items off you list? Something old can be an heirloom or even something you bought many years ago; think earrings, tiara, bracelet, gown, ring or necklace. Something new is easier; it can be your shoes, veil, gown, garter, hose, lingerie or purse. Something borrowed can be a wedding purse (rented or loaned), your grandmother’s powder case, or your aunt’s antique broach worn anywhere you like. Something blue—well, that usually ends up being a garter, unless you’ve chosen some baby blue accents for your bouquet, a blue pearl bracelet, or a beaded blue purse. The choices are endless just use your imagination a little.

Out of the Bag

Get your dress out of its bag & steam it if necessary. It is important to let your dress hang a day or two outside the bag so the creases and wrinkles have a chance to loosen up before your wedding photos. When you do take it out make sure you have it hang in a very safe place—away from things that could snag it (cats), or draw on it (small children), burn it (heaters, furnaces or lamps), or harm it in any way.

Lipstick Test

Apply the amount of lipstick that gives you your desired color and kiss your hand a couple of times. Does your lipstick come off on your hand? Make sure you have your favorite color of lipstick in a smudge proof brand. You will be hugging and kissing the masses, so be prepared for reapplication often. Note: make sure lipstick wearers don’t kiss your cheeks before your wedding photos are taken.

Enviromental Concerns

If using candles at your reception ask that they be put in the freezer for a longer lasting burn. For outdoor weddings make sure to get a citronella candle for each table to fend off nature’s pests. Remember, they will be attracted to the light. You can pick them up at party supply and drug stores.

Check out the weather during the month you will marry. A heat wave can make your bouquet go limp; ask for a back-up to keep refrigerated for such an emergency. Wilted blooms will make fabulous photos lack luster.

In Case of Emergency

Make sure you have back-up emergency aids for the unexpected such as your menstrual cycle, a rip, tears, etc. Here is a list of helpful must-haves to prevent meltdown: tissues, tampons, extra panty hose, Evian mist spray, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, needle, thread (that matches your gown, bridesmaids gowns, and tuxedos) and scissors, a cell phone (for emergency requests only, remember to turn it off when the ceremony starts), etc. Add anything to this list you think you might possibly need.

A Special Touch

Grooms you should pick out something special to give to your mother (at the reception or ceremony) to show your appreciation for all her hard work as your mother, and maybe even as assistant wedding planner. Also plan to select something special to give to your bride (on the honeymoon) as a symbol of this newest part of your life together. Brides you should do the same for you mother and/or father, and your husband.

Stay Calm

Most of all don’t sweat the small stuff. If your wedding bubbles, cameras, or rice don’t show up in the right order, color or number, go to your local party supply store for extras or send a bridesmaid. Believe it or not they have a wedding section for just those types of party things. And remember, this occasion is an opportunity to gather all those people you cherish. No one will care that that your fiance’s socks didn’t match or that you forgot to put on your mother’s pearl necklace. What they will notice is you, the beautiful bride and your handsome, proud groom; a happy couple on the verge of an exciting adventure called marriage. Congratulations!

In Summary

Hot Tips Arrange for a fresh, refrigerated, back-up bouquet in hot weather.
Let your gown hang for a day outside of its bag.
Make an emergency kit for possible wedding mishaps.
Don’t forget something old, new, borrowed, blue.
Test your lipstick for smudge resistance.
Select a small token for your mothers/fathers and for each other.
Candles stored in a freezer will burn longer.

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