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Your Mom Will Love Playing Any Of These Roles in the Wedding

Your mom deserves all your love and respect – so you will definitely want to make her feel really happy and proud on your wedding day. After all, she’s the one who gave you birth, and the one person in the world who understands you better than anyone, especially on your Big Day.

How to make your mom feel amazing at your wedding? Here are some very important roles she could play during the big event – read on and steal some inspiration!

Mother of the Bride Roles

  • Allow her to cook one of her special recipes. Sure, you will want to hire a catering service provider, but you might also want to ask your mom to cook her unique muffins, or her super-delicious cookies. Not only will these taste like “home”, but they will also add a truly sentimental touch to the entire wedding day.

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mother of the bride

  • Offer her the bouquet, instead of simply tossing it. This might go against the tradition, but it will definitely make your mom feel more than happy. She deserves the spotlight – and what better way to thank her for everything she’s done for you, other than offering her such a symbolic gift?

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sentimental wedding

  • Use something from her own wedding. The wedding veil, the cake topper, the dress she wore –they all bear a very special significance, both for you and for your mom. We guarantee she will cry tears of happiness when she sees these souvenirs of her own Big Day!

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