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Never Wear These Items to a Wedding

You must be really honored the bride and groom have chosen to invite you to one of the biggest events in their life – but, at the same time, you surely want to make a good impression too. What are some of the clothing items nobody should ever wear to a wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

wedding guest tips

  • A white dress. This should come without saying, but you would be surprised how many wedding guests surpass this unwritten wedding etiquette rule and come to a wedding dressed in white… Unless the bride specifically requests this as part of her wedding theme or you know for a fact she won’t wear white (e.g. because she belongs to a culture where wedding dresses are not white), you should absolutely avoid this color for your dress.

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wedding dress code

  • Overly provocative or flashy clothes. You are not supposed to attract attention at your friend’s wedding – so we suggest you keep it low-key elegant. Avoid anything that’s too flashy, shows way too much skin, or is simply not suitable for a wedding (be it elegant or casual).

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wedding dress code tips

  • Clothes that are not coordinated with the dress code. It is very important to understand what each dress code means and what you are allowed to wear – otherwise, you might end up feeling severely under-dressed (or even over-dressed). Read the invitation and learn about the dress code imposed by the couple, then make sure you understand exactly what you are supposed to wear.

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