Personalize Your Wedding Reception With These Budget Friendly Ideas

Your wedding ceremony is filled with completely unique wedding details – how could it not be, with your vows being the centerpiece of the entire day?? So while your I Do’s will highlight everything that makes you as a couple, so special, your wedding reception has fewer obvious ways to make it unique. Here are ways to make to your wedding reception all about you! 

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Personal Photos: Fill your reception with personal photos of you, your babe, and your extended family! While many couples use their guest book as the place to put their pictures, hanging them around the room gives guests a great activity during cocktail hour. If you have the time and energy, writing little captions or headlines for each photo, so people know who they’re seeing and what it’s a photo of. It will spark great memories for so many of your guests, and it will be a ton of fun for you and your fiance to put it all together! 

There are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding reception without breaking the bank!

Fun Facts At Each Table: Put a few fun facts on the back of your menu or in a frame at each table, which will tell your guests a little bit more about you as a couple. Your best vacation, your favorite hike, what you are looking forward to the most in your new life as a married couple. Give people an insight as to what lies ahead for you, and what you’ll be working hard to achieve together as a couple. 

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Your Dinner Playlist: Your playlist can give people major insight into who you are as a couple, and can personalize your wedding reception. It’s a significant impact, low output option – building out a playlist won’t cost you a lot of money or take a lot of time, but it can impact the entire room! It’s easy and fun to build energy and excitement during your wedding reception with a playlist that’s totally personal to you. 

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