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How to Plan the Ideal Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner gets frequently overlooked – but it should be considered just as important as any other pre-wedding event. Therefore, you will surely want to make sure it turns out really great – but how do you do that? How to plan the ideal rehearsal dinner?

Well, we have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

wedding rehearsal dinner decor

  • Choose a theme and work on the décor. Just because this isn’t the actual wedding, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be pretty. Sure, you decorate your rehearsal dinner just as you want, but adding a color scheme and a special theme into the mix will make the event all the more pleasant. Plus, if you combine everything with a special dress code, you will definitely create a very special atmosphere your guests will remember forever.

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wedding rehearsal dinner food

  • Want to save some money? Book your rehearsal dinner earlier in the morning – it doesn’t make much of a difference for you in terms of what will happen at the event and how people will feel, but it can save you quite a lot of money. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to enjoy yourselves and go early to bed, so that you are all fresh for the Big Day.

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wedding rehearsal dinner dessert

  • Serve great food. From the main courses to the dessert, everything at the rehearsal dinner needs to be just as qualitative as during the Big Day itself. Don’t be afraid to get creative, though – this is the perfect time to step outside of the boundaries of tradition and play around with your menu!

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Photo sources: Sweet Carolina Photography Edsel L tarale

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