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Privacy Policy


Bride World is an industry leader in privacy and respects your desire to avoid junk email and unsolicited phone calls.  Due to the long-term nature of wedding planning (often 12 months or longer) and the common problem of couples attending an expo early in their planning process and not able to choose some vendors confidently, especially those who provide services later in the planning process like invitations and transportation services, Bride World will share names and mailing addresses with a number of vendors at the expo in which you attend. Your email address will not be shared unless you provide opt-in permission to do so on our registration form. Your phone number will not be shared with anyone but it may appear on your correspondence labels. These labels are for your use to specifically share your info with wedding vendors of your choosing. You will not receive a phone call from Bride World. Bride World recommends that you not casually give out your phone number to anyone unless you specifically wish to be called.

Most couples choose to opt-in and share an email address since they are planning a wedding and only wedding vendors attending the expo will receive your email address. When a couple opts-in to share an email address, Bride World will continue to uphold privacy and not share your an exact email address. Bride World will use an intermediary service that will track use and abuse, and allow for each couple to globally opt-out at any time. This is for the convenience of our engaged couple clients and should be seen as providing a raised confidence in the ability to network/connect with vendors without being overwhelmed with spam.

Bride World assumes that couples are attending an expo to simplify their wedding planning. To facilitate that goal, Bride World believes that most non-obtrusive solicitations will be a benefit. After the expo, select vendors may forward a timely offer with attractive discounts and offers. Most brides find this to be a benefit. If receiving a few mailed solicitations is not desired, please do not submit the registration form. Simply attend the expo without registering. However discounted admission may not be available or apply.


If the registration form is submitted successfully, a success page is displayed. If you do not see a confirmation page, you may register again or call 1-800-600-7080.


Bring your personal calendar to make appointments; a writing pen; cash for admission, parking and refreshments; a checkbook or credit card for purchasing products or reserving vendor services; bring family and friends to share in a unique shopping experience.


Approximately 95% of brides and 65% of grooms attend Bride World expo. There is no obligation to attend but each person will find displays and exhibits related to wedding planning and these should be informative.


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