Rain Check on Your Wedding? No! Rainy Day Rescue Plan

You can control almost every aspect of your wedding and tailor it to perfection but not mother nature! Follow these back up tips and tricks to your “I Do’s” come rain or shine.

Turn to the tent

While a tent may not have been in your dream day visions it is always good to have backup. Talk to your venue coordinator to see if they allow tents and if you have to use a certain vendor. Some venues do not allow tents on their grounds for safety reasons. Tents over the entire ceremony area will ensure everything stays dry. Tents can be designed to match your wedding decor/style. There are a variety of tent options including clear panels. If the weather is beautiful on your wedding day the panels of the tent can be pulled back.

Indoor Swap for Outdoors

Venues such as golf courses and hotels usually have an indoor option should the weather not cooperate. Talk to your venue coordinator to see if there is an additional cost to reserve a back up plan to your outdoor event. The extra expense could mean you keep you and your guests dry and happy.

Weather permitting, not all of your events have to take place indoors. You can keep earlier events, such as the ceremony, outdoors while leaving the cocktail hour and reception to move indoors later in the evening. This allows you to have best of both worlds.

Rainy Day Accessories

If you are the couple that plans a wedding during a typical rainy season we have some amazing accessories to shower your wedding! Be sure to remind your guests to bring their own umbrella if you are not providing them.


Keep things cozy. If you are planning a wedding during rainy or cooler months place heaters outside accordingly. Aside from heaters, configure cozy outdoor fire pits, blankets and seating. Serve up something warm for guests to sip on such as hot cocoa and/or tea. There are tons of ways to get creative like this customized hot cocoa bar!

Vendor Check-in

Check-in with your vendors to see if their services can be taken indoors. Vendors come with their own food trucks or cooking equipment. If you have a plan B make sure to accommodate to your vendors. For example, a popcorn machine may not work indoors if a power source isn’t present. Check to see that there are enough power sources for every single vendor that requires one. Talk with your venue coordinator to make sure there are no restrictions against having certain vendors inside. Some venue do not allow cooking indoors and/or anything that has fire.

Cover Costs

If you are really concerned about the weather ruining your event consider getting event insurance. If it does rain on your parade protect yourself with event insurance to recoup some of the lost expenses.

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