Ready for Great Shopping at Our Costa Mesa Bridal Show?

Ready for Great Shopping at Our Costa Mesa Bridal Show?

With all the stress and excitement of planning a wedding, what’s the best way to relax? A little retail therapy – who can argue with that? But if you’re feeling pressured for time with a long list of wedding planning To Do items, why not get both at the same time? Bride World, the best Costa Mesa Bridal Show, has all the shopping you need to burn off the extra stress!

When you’re out shopping, what’s the first thing you look for? The best products! Our vendors are some of SoCal’s favorite wedding professionals, and bring their most popular products and goods to showcase at our Costa Mesa bridal show. Whether you’re shopping for designer gowns, wedding accessories or cute wedding favor ideas, we’ll have 150 vendors on site ready for you to browse, shop and compare.

Once you’ve found the best stuff, what do you look for next? The best bargains! Bride World is known as the place to score great deals on wedding items, from deals and incentives for wedding venues, event designers and cake designers and caterers. On site at the Costa Mesa Bridal Show, you’ll find that our vendors offer one day only pricing on their best in stock items, so you have one chance to scoop it up! Come to the show, find your favorite pieces and make sure you don’t leave without them because you might not ever get them at a great price again!

So don’t feel guilty about spending a day shopping at the Costa Mesa Bridal Show, Bride World! You can shop your heart out with your family and friends, and cross off those wedding check list To Do’s. Get great information at our DIY Planning Seminar so you know what your next wedding planning steps are. See all the latest wedding gown trends and designs are our afternoon Fashion Show. If you haven’t registered for our January 5 Costa Mesa Bridal Show, there’s still time to get tickets for 50% off, just $6 each! Click here to register!

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