Shots You Don’t Want to Miss

With the excitement of your wedding day, you’re likely to feel that you’ve posed for a thousand pictures. Make sure those include the special shots that you wanted by planning with your photographer and/or videographer in advance. If you want a picture with just siblings or you and your groom and just grandmothers, make your preferences known ahead of time. There are countless combinations, and while memory-making experts, photographers are not mind-readers.

During your planning stages, decide which poses are must-haves and give your photographer a written list of your preferences. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular shots to help get you started.

Before the Wedding

• You getting ready
• Your bridesmaids getting ready
• Your mother and you looking in a mirror
• Your mother affixing your veil
• You leaving for the ceremony
• You arriving at the ceremony
• The groom waiting anxiously before the ceremony
• The groomsmen lining up at the ceremony

The Ceremony

• The mother of the bride getting escorted in
• The mother of the groom getting escorted in
• Each grandparent being escorted in
• Each bridesmaid walking down the aisle
• The flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle
• Several of you walking down the aisle
• All major ceremony events — the vows, the exchange of rings, presentation of flowers to the mothers, lighting unity candle, the kiss
• Shots of your guests (parents especially) watching the ceremony
• Documentation of any speaker, singer or reader
• Shots of the ceremony location, both inside and out
• The parents and grandparents exiting
• The flower girl and ring bearer exiting
• Each bridal party couple exiting
• Several of you and your groom exiting
• You and groom getting in your transportation
• Close-up shots of any “Just Married” decoration on vehicle

After the Ceremony (the family combinations)

• Several of Bride and Groom alone
• Close-up of Bride and Groom looking at each other
• Close-up of wedding rings
• B&G and wedding party
• B&G and flower girl & ring bearer
• B&G with Maid of Honor and Best Man
• B&G and parents
• B&G and grandparents
• Bride alone with parents
• Bride alone with siblings
• Groom alone with parents
• Groom alone with siblings
• Bride with groomsmen
• Groom with bridesmaids

The Reception

• Bride and Groom entering
• Wedding party entering
• Several of receiving line
• Bride and Groom’s first dance
• Bride dancing with father
• Groom dancing with mother
• Best man (and fathers’) toasts
• The head table
• The parents’ table
• Shot of the meal (before being eaten)
• The cake (before being cut)
• Several of cutting the cake
• The bouquet toss
• The garter retrieval and toss
• The band
• The gift table
• Several of wedding guests dancing
• Bride and Groom leaving reception

Silly (but Popular!) Shots

• You showing your bridesmaids your garter
• You and your bridesmaids all exposing one knee
• The groomsmen forcing a nervous groom into the ceremony
• The groom kissing the maid of honor (on the cheek)
• The bride kissing the best man (on the cheek)
• The maid of honor and the best man cozying up
• The groomsmen holding the bride lengthwise
• The bridesmaids fawning over the groom

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