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Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas - Bride World


Wedding Stationery Inspiration for Vintage Brides

Vintage weddings have their own special kind of charm – and if you have your heart set on such a wedding theme, you will definitely want to make sure all of your Big Day’s details are well-coordinated with your wedding theme. Of course, your wedding stationery will also fall under the same rule. How to… Read More »

Never Wear These Items to a Wedding

You must be really honored the bride and groom have chosen to invite you to one of the biggest events in their life – but, at the same time, you surely want to make a good impression too. What are some of the clothing items nobody should ever wear to a wedding? We have some… Read More »

You Don’t Have to Invite Everyone at Your Wedding

Creating the right guest list lies at the very foundation of planning a successful wedding (and one that doesn’t exceed your financial resources, for that matter!). However, pulling together a list of guests may prove to be much more complicated than it may seem at first…especially when there’s pressure for you to invite more people… Read More »

How to choose a wedding photographer

Regardless of how large or small it may be, your wedding is bound to be memorable. Of course, you will guard the wonderful memories of this beautiful day with all your power – but you will also want the most special moments to be captured on camera too. How do you choose the right wedding… Read More »

Planning a destination wedding

Destination weddings are perfect for summer and many couples dream of hosting such an event. However, the truth is that a destination wedding comes with its own, unique set of challenges – how do you pull it off? How do you plan the perfect destination wedding? We have some tips for you – so read… Read More »

Unique edible wedding favors

Wedding favors are a very nice gesture that shows your guests they mean a lot to you (and that their presence at your wedding is surely appreciated). Of course, you are free to choose whatever type of wedding favors feels more suitable for you – but truth be told, you cannot go wrong with edible… Read More »

Expand your wedding budget

Money doesn’t bring happiness – but the absolute truth is that the happiest day of your life might cost you quite a lot. Of course, you don’t have to break the bank to have a wonderful wedding – but in order to achieve that, you will also have to be careful with your wedding budget.… Read More »

Don’t upset your wedding guests!

You want your wedding guests to have an amazing time at your big day, right? Therefore, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure they don’t get upset over your wedding choices. What are some of the things most wedding guests don’t agree with? We have gathered some of them right below,… Read More »

Every wedding should sparkle

As a bride, you want your wedding décor to stand out for its stylishness and beauty – yet, how do you bring a bit of sparkle into the room without making it look too tacky or over-the-top? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more. Table… Read More »

Spring trends for your big day

Spring weddings are so amazing! Filled with the rejuvenating vibe and always a real pleasure for the eye, spring weddings are among the top favorites – and for a good reason. Planning a spring wedding too? Here are some trends to bring into your big day: Go big and flowery on your wedding ceremony. If… Read More »