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Selecting the Best Wedding Expo to Attend

You’re engaged! Figuring out your next steps can be scary, which is why we suggest finding a local wedding expo. Wedding expos are where wedding vendors gather to show off their talents and services. Attending one is the fastest way to update yourself with the latest and greatest in the world of weddings and allows… Read More »

Is a Friday Wedding Right For You?

Are Friday’s the new Saturday? When it comes to weddings, they very well could be! Friday nights are becoming more and more popular for couples who are planning their big day, and that night comes with a host of benefits that you might not have considered before. Here are some great reasons to open up… Read More »

Dazzle Your Look: What Wedding Jewelry Do You Need?

You’ve scored your dream gown – you LOVE it, your family loves it, your girls love it. It’s on point, in budget, and you’re obsessed. Check that off the list! Oh, but you’re not done shopping yet (and it’s not like those words even make you cringe). It’s time to start planning your wedding jewelry,… Read More »

What To Expect At A Costa Mesa Bridal Show

Have you looked at your wedding planning To-Do list lately? It could be that all you’ve got left is a few items to tidy up, or maybe you haven’t booked some big-ticket items like your wedding venue or photographer. No matter how big or small your list is, at Bride World, you can expect to… Read More »

Incorporate Emerald Green Into Your Wedding Day

Emerald green has an elegance and glamor to it that brides find irresistible. Like it’s sister stones rubies, sapphires and diamonds, emeralds are classified as a precious gemstone, and it’s not surprising given how they dazzle, making them a popular stone for engagement rings. Emeralds hold special meaning for love and weddings beyond engagements, as… Read More »

Creating Incredible Moments At Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be memorable no matter what, but one thing that you’ll hear from almost every couple who hosted a wedding, they say that the day flies by! You have been so focused on planning your wedding day; you forget that it’s merely that – one day! Although your wedding day does go… Read More »

Gowns We Are Loving For 2020!

Raise your hands if you’ve spent more than a few minutes cruising wedding gowns this holiday season? Obviously, shopping for dresses is our favorite past time, and the downtime of the last week has given us PLENTY of time to pick out a few wedding gown styles that we absolutely adore. David’s Bridal will be… Read More »

Trending Wedding Colors for 2020

2020 is basically here – it’s a new year, a new decade and that means we can expect new wedding trends to emerge in the coming months. Pantone announced that the Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue, a deep shade of blue that they feel is “comforting and reassuring.” What bride doesn’t… Read More »

Who Should You Take With You When You Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

You’ve poured through the magazines. You’ve combed Pinterest and the blogs. Your Instagram Collection is bursting with photos. It’s finally time. Your hunt for wedding dresses starts now, and you are ready to try on every and any gown in all the shops! Well – ok that would be beyond exhausting, but containing your excitement… Read More »

What Do You Need To Know About Throwing An Engagement Party?

The ring is sparkling on your finger, and you’ve told everyone you know (and even some you don’t know) that your babe popped the question and you’re getting married! With so much excitement bursting threw you, it’s no wonder you can’t contain yourself. Your wedding might be months or years away, and nothing feels better… Read More »