The Best Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Help In Wedding Planning

Your bridesmaids are your besties, your partners in crime, your total ride or dies. When you are engaged and planning your wedding, this is the most exciting time of your life, and now more than ever, you need them by your side!

But your bridesmaids might not be totally sure on how to help you with your wedding planning, especially if this is their first time being part of a #BrideTribe. If you feel like your bridesmaids aren’t helping you in the ways you need them too, communication is the key, but we mean the right kind of connection. You don’t want your bridesmaids to feel as though they are being bossed around or feel unappreciated.

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Start by arranging a monthly dinner and drinks together – because being together is the most important part! Make a list of tasks and items that you need help with – things like putting together wedding invitations and addressing envelopes, researching cake vendors, and planning the bridal shower. Instead of telling your bridesmaids which task they should be doing, ask if any of them would be willing or interested in helping you in any of those. Most of the time, your girls will all raise their hands to each of those!

If you have a bridesmaid who is a little hesitant to volunteer, consider her personality and what she likes to do. Maybe she’s a book lover – could she help you write your speech? Maybe she’s super outdoorsy, could she plan some hikes and group activities for the bridal party?

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What’s most important is making sure your bridesmaids feel included and valued, but ultimately, you can’t (and shouldn’t!) force them to be a part of your wedding planning process. You asked them to stand beside you because you love them, because their friendship is super important to you, not because you need them to be a workhorse for your wedding.

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Empowering your bridesmaids with options to help and considering what they’d like to do is the best way to make sure everyone stays happy during the months leading up to your wedding!

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