Throw a beautiful country themed wedding with these ideas:

Country themed weddings are extremely fun and very much popular these days too. Somewhere in between formal and informal, always sweet and always surrounded by the beautiful landscapes only Mother Nature can create, country weddings make for excellent choices. How to throw such a rustic themed wedding, though? Here are some great ideas to help you out:

  • Choose wedding stationery that goes along with the theme. From your Save the Date cards to your wedding signs, everything should be inspired by the countryside. You can choose to go for colors that are specific to rustic themes (usually earthy tones combined with pastels and/or brighter colors) or you can choose to include some rustic motifs as well (cowboy boots, horses, wood-related motifs and so on).
  • Have your wedding in a barn (or at least somewhere close to one). There’s a myriad of options when it comes to decorating barns and they make for a cheaper alternative than the traditional wedding venues too. From Mason Jar chandeliers to wild flower centerpieces and tables embellished by burlap linens and runners, you have lots of ideas to take inspiration from!
  • Have your wedding party contribute to the theme. Have them to arrive via a hayride, tell them to wear cowboy boots (and yes, this includes the bridesmaids too) and dress them in the colors of your rustic wedding as well.
  • Choose a “rustic” cake. A buttercream frosted cake with a “log” topper or a naked cake decorated with the same wild flowers as your bouquet and centerpieces are both amazing ideas for a country wedding – and they will surely be more than delicious too!

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